Panagia tou Kalou


Casa di Mare is located at Imerovigli Village. 12km from the airport, 3km from Skaros, and a few minutes away from Santorini’s cosmopolitan capitol of Fira. It is easily and quickly accessible. In approximately 10 minutes you may be in the center of Fira where you walk amongst the scenic roads, enjoy the breathtaking views and taste rare Greek delicacies.

The island


The island of Santorini or Thira is an island of the Cyclades complex in the southern Aegean Sea. It abstains from Piraeus 128 nautical miles with an area of up to 75.8 square kilometers. It is known for its volcanoes, which are the youngest in Greece and one of the most active throughout Europe. Santorini belongs to the volcanic arrow of the Aegean and is classified as an active volcano.

Three high end villas of exceptional standards

Independent & fully autonomous